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Our PAN Orlando team is passionate about building a creative, supportive and empowering culture.

Named a Best Place to Work by the Orlando Business Journal several years in a row, our Orlando office is all about teamwork, work/life balance and crushing our client goals. Our Southeast headquarters is positioned at the center of the sunshine state surrounded by some of the most exciting and innovative hospitality brands, tech hubs, hospitals, and universities. And whether it’s virtual yoga after work to unwind, Summer Fridays at the beach, or mentorship meetings that help you stay on track, our Orlando team takes pride in creating meaningful solutions for clients and having fun along the way.






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Work with a Team that Supports You and Have Fun in the Sun

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PANfit group activities may have changed but maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle remains so important. I love being able to throw on workout clothes in the morning and fit in an at-home workout to get the blood flowing and my mind right before the day gets busy. It’s been so important to mental and physical wellbeing in 2020!
Sydney Holmquist
Account Supervisor | Orlando, FL
Our weekly in-person lowdown meetings have shifted to virtual meet ups! We meet every week as an office, and I love taking that time to just connect with everyone in the office and hear what’s going on across their accounts and in their personal lives. It has helped us stay close as an office since we can’t all be together.
Staci Didner
Account Supervisor | Orlando, FL
One of the best perks about working at home (besides wearing sweat pants all day) is that my brain breaks these days consist of quick dog walks around my neighborhood. It gets me out of the house and into fresh air, while also getting my crazy dog’s energy out. It’s a win-win!
Kellie Woods
Senior Media Relations Specialist | Orlando, FL
From work at home days that promote flexibility to an amazing 10-week, fully paid maternity leave program, PAN has the best benefits that allow me to juggle work and family life the best way possible.
Work with a Team that Supports You and Have Fun in the Sun
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Our Tight-Knit Florida Crew is Looking for Leaders, Problem Solvers and Creative Ninjas.


“There’s an ongoing debate as to whether soup is a snack or a meal. The battle continues to this day. So what’s your take?”

Laura Beauregard | Director
From fitness tips to cooking lessons.

PAN stays connected.

Fun Facts from the Orlando Team

What is your favorite Work at Home meal?

What is your favorite Work at Home spot?

What’s your favorite adult beverage?

“Chicken Nuggets and Mac n’ Cheese”


“Egg Breakfast Sandwiches”


“Quinoa, Egg and Veggie Bowls”


“Fresh Salads”




“Homemade Soup”


“Front Porch”






“Home Office”


“Spicy Bloody Mary”


“Executive Martini”




“Gin & Tonics forever


“Cackler IPA from my local brewery, Rockpit Brewery, a tangerine whiteclaw or a nice class of red cabernet (the Dark Horse brand)”


“Spicy margarita”


“Chocolate milk? Jk lol. I love a good Moscato, mimosa or margarita”


“Melon ball”


“Wine of any kind!”
Fun Facts from the Orlando Team
Emily Holt
Vice President, Technology | Boston, MA
Elizabeth Famiglietti
Executive Vice President, Human Resources | Boston, MA
Darlene Doyle
Executive Vice President, Client Relations | Boston, MA
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When you partner with PAN, you’ll join a team of talented, energetic and innovative people with deep B2B tech and healthcare expertise.

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Our US and UK Teams Move Ideas Around the World

From concept to customer, no matter the distance

Boston, MA

Home to PAN Communications’ headquarters, Boston is perfectly positioned at the crossroads of healthcare disruption and technological innovation. And just like a Beantown revolutionary, we partner with cutting edge companies to go where other companies fear to tread.

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The City by the Bay has all our favorite things—innovation, creativity and community. And it‘s not a coincidence that some of the world’s top technology companies are located blocks away from our San Francisco office.

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In NYC, we go big or go home. The birthplace of ambitious X-Tech dreams, NYC has also been home to some of our brightest, most innovative campaigns for companies that aren’t afraid to take big swings.

London, UK

Our London-based team thrives on either side of the pond. PAN UK brings years of international experience to clients looking to amplify their brand to a captive global audience.

Our US and UK Teams Move Ideas Around the World

From concept to customer, no matter the distance

Boston, MA

San Francisco, CA

New York, NY

London, UK

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