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There’s a reason they say everything is possible in NYC.

Accelerate your career in New York: a city known for its resilience, reinvention, and resolute. New York is the unquestionable epicenter of world finance, technological innovation, arts, and culture.

We’re perfectly positioned in Manhattan, surrounded by a bustling city marked by constant growth and change. In New York, everyone is striving to turn big dreams into real-life success stories. Partner with PAN New York, and the next great story could be yours.









New York City remains a market rich with opportunity and my goal is to champion efforts that will enhance and evolve our overall operations and presence; in turn leading the team to even greater achievements both regionally and globally.

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Brandon Thomas
Vice President, Technology & Healthcare & General Manager, New York | New York, NY
Got What it Takes to Be a New Yorker? (We Think So…)

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My favorite part of PANhattan is the close-knit community we have. I think the smaller size and office setting is one of the main drivers of our familial culture. Our fearless office leaders set an awesome precedent of support, openness, and acceptance for all. Every single member of our office is a friend, and I can honestly say I would have a blast hanging out with each of them outside of work – and I do! We truly know everyone in the office SO well and it really makes you feel like your colleagues have your back and support you in every way
Megan Schmidt
Senior Account Executive | New York, NY
We definitely love to celebrate each other’s wins in the NYC office, whether it’s “sup du jour” or someone’s promotion, it’s always a blast to decorate each other’s desks and leave some love. Coming in on my birthday to a card, two plants and sweet treats made me feel so loved this year. I love how our office celebrates each other
Emily White
Account Executive | New York, NY
One of the greatest benefits of having an office in NYC is the access and opportunities to connect with the top journalists that are based in New York. I’ve been pitching and working with some of the most important reporters in business and tech for my entire career, but having the chance to meet with them in person for a briefing or at an event is incredibly valuable. You really can’t overstate the value of having face-time with members of the media, and having an office in New York City makes it much easier.
Ashley Waters
Senior Account Supervisor | New York, NY
For me, it was important that I work with an organization that prioritizes giving back to the community. I love PAN’s PANCare program but in addition to that, New York City offers endless opportunities to give back to the community no matter what time of year. I really can pursue my passions and also explore new opportunities with my colleagues.
Got What it Takes to Be a New Yorker? (We Think So…)
From fitness tips to cooking lessons.

PAN stays connected.

Fun Facts from the New York Team

Favorite Tourist Spot

Favorite Lunch Spot

PANpub Drink of Choice

“Central Park!”


“Ellis Island”


“The High Line”


“Does Eataly Flatiron count?”


“Brooklyn Bridge”


“Ichiran Ramen”


“Dig Inn”


“Market Crates”






“ETC Eatery”
“White Claw”


“Rosé all dayyyyy”




“Red, red wiiiine


“Sauvignon Blanc”
Fun Facts from the New York Team
Brandon Thomas
Vice President, Technology & Healthcare & General Manager, New York | New York, NY
Darlene Doyle
Executive Vice President, Client Relations | Boston, MA
Elizabeth Famiglietti
Executive Vice President, Human Resources | Boston, MA
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Our US and UK Teams Move Ideas Around the World

From concept to customer, no matter the distance.

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Our US and UK Teams Move Ideas Around the World

From concept to customer, no matter the distance.

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