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255 State Street, Floor 8, Boston, MA 02109
Our downtown HQ is in the heart of the Hub

Independence, innovation, and true grit. That’s the Boston way.

Work and play in Boston: the east coast powerhouse known for its scrappy tech startups and bustling biomedical community. Our downtown HQ is just a stone’s throw away from some of the best hospitals, universities, and businesses in the world ⁠— and not to mention some pretty awesome restaurants and sports teams, too.

Boston means community. Boston means a fighting spirit and die-hard loyalty. There are no half measures here. Once you join us in our Boston office, you’ll always be part of the family.








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PAN’s Boston office is literally a window into our great city. Since we occupy the whole 8th floor of a downtown building our windows look out in every direction – east to the harbor, north to the Greenway and the Zakim Bridge, west to the financial district and the Custom House Tower, and south along the Greenway to Chinatown and South Station. And the windows are huge! From every vantage point inside the office the city comes alive. Working here inspires us every minute of every day.
I love summertime in the Boston office! My favorite is heading downstairs after work for happy hour oysters and a glass of rose with my PAN Fam!
Cori Kendrick
Senior Account Supervisor | Boston, MA
My favorite part of the Boston culture is being able to interact with Phil and VP’s on a daily basis. Not many people can say they’ve received hugs from their company president. Also, the office layout is amazing! I like to take a detour when going to meetings to say hi to my colleagues. There is always someone to ask you how your day is or gossip about the latest episode of the Bachelor.
Marisa Siino
Account Coordinator | Boston, MA
I think what makes the Boston office unique is…THE OPEN AREA! Sure, every office has one but the Boston office is always full with folks from every level. From Interns, to SVP’s it’s a great place to collaborate, share a funny story and most importantly celebrate each other’s successes! Whether we are popping champagne for a friend’s promotion, printing a copy of someone’s latest business press hit or becoming ordained minister’s the Open Area is the heart and soul of team Boston! And the view doesn’t suck.
Kate Adams
Assistant Account Executive | Boston, MA
Our People Make Big Moves in Boston

If you don’t like tacos, then I’m nacho type.

Marki Conway | Director, Boston
From fitness tips to cooking lessons.

PAN stays connected.

Fun Facts from the Boston Team

What is your favorite tourist spot in Boston?

Favorite Lunch Spot:

PANpub drink of choice:

“Faneuil Hall”


“Boston Common”




“North End’


“Boston Public Garden”


“Fenway Park”


“Bunker Hill Monument”


“Seaport District”


“Newbury Street””
“Bailey & Sage”




“Bostonia Public House”


“Greenway Foodtrucks”


“Espresso Love”






“Sam LaGrassa’s”


“State Street Provisions”


“Bud Light”




“One of Ashley’s concoctions”


“Cabernet Sauvignon”


“Pinot Grigio, Hands Down”


“Rosé all day”


“White Claws”


“Any of the wine!”
Fun Facts from the Boston Team
Darlene Doyle
Executive Vice President, Client Relations | Boston, MA
Megan Kessler
Senior Vice President, Technology | Boston, MA
Nikki Festa O’Brien
Senior Vice President, Technology & Healthcare | Boston, MA
Dan Martin
Senior Vice President, Healthcare | Boston, MA
Gene Carozza
Senior Vice President, Technology | Boston, MA
Michele Frost
Vice President, Integrated Marketing | Boston, MA
Matthew Briggs
Vice President, Healthcare & Technology | Boston, MA
Adam Novak
Vice President, Technology | Boston, MA
Emily Holt
Vice President, Technology | Boston, MA
David Bowker
Vice President, Technology | Boston, MA
Adam Cormier
Vice President, Technology | Boston, MA
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From concept to customer, no matter the distance.

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Our London-based team thrives on either side of the pond. PAN UK brings years of international experience to clients looking to amplify their brand to a captive global audience.

Our US and UK Teams Move Ideas Around the World

From concept to customer, no matter the distance.

San Francisco, CA

New York, NY

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